International Academy of Clinical Thermography
Association for the Advancement of Diagnostic Thermal Imaging

In order to capture infrared images that are of diagnostic quality, the hardware and software of the imaging system must meet minimum accepted standards.

These standards have been agreed upon by the various clinical thermographic associations and societies and are based upon studies published in the index-medicus literature.

Be forewarned there are a few manufacturers that produce substandard equipment with marketing claims of superior infrared imaging technology. There are also some systems that are of exceptional quality, but contain features that only increase the cost at no known diagnostic benefit to the patient. Please be aware of these facts when contemplating the purchase of a clinical infrared imaging system.

As an association devoted to forwarding the science of clinical thermography, we cannot and will not endorse or recommend any one imaging system. There are many high quality systems available. What we recommend is that you get as much information about each manufacturer’s product as you can before you buy. Be an educated consumer. Do not get caught up in any sales hype or buy-now-or-else tactics. Also, stay with established companies. They have proven themselves with good manufacturing practices and will be there tomorrow if anything goes wrong. Remember that you will eventually need service or help.

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